Building Use Agreement

Because of our current economy and contact programs for various other minority groups, many churches occupy all or part of the ecclesiastical institutions. Many main lines have closed their Sunday evening services, allowing other establishments to rent or use their current facility. Other facilities may have long-term or short-term use for events or activities such as the use of a gymnasium or larger church building to host a larger event. Link to the full printable version at the end of this page. Download an important notice on liability insurance, which requires prior approval from the insurance company. We have developed a short- and long-term application for your use. This form is only a suggestive tool and can be easily adapted to your current needs. Attention Churches in the former Kansas East Property Insurance Pool: Local churches are encouraged to develop facility use agreements for external organizations that use church institutions for meetings and activities. An example of agreement on the use of the facilities can be found below. It is recommended that each facility use agreement include a requirement that the external party using the organization have its own liability insurance and that the Church be designated as additional insured in the user directive.