Cargo Agreement

4.4 Preparation, completion or correction by the airline: the airline may, at the request of the shipper, issue, expressly or tacitly, the letter of air transport, in which, subject to evidence to the contrary, it is presumed that the airline did so on behalf of the sender. If the air transport letter that was delivered with the cargo, or if the information and statements relating to the cargo submitted by the shipper to the airline for registration in the car letter for inscription in the car letter in the car letter contain an error or if the air transport letter or such information or statements contain an error, the airline has the right to complete or correct the air transport letter or statements to its knowledge and shipment, without this being the case. 5.6.4 If the gross weight, measure, quantity or reported value of the cargo exceeds the gross weight, measure, quantity or declared value on which the transportation costs were calculated in advance, the airline has the right to demand payment of the tax for that deductible. General cargo contract. It is, in fact, a loyalty agreement or an agreement by which the shipper undertakes to ship all of its cargo with an independent airline or a maritime conference. 5.1 The parties are complying with their obligations with regard to the agreement in accordance with all applicable national and international rules, including, but not limited to, all applicable conflicts of interest, export controls, anti-corruption and anti-corruption laws in the client`s founding country, Luxembourg, the EU, the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom and all other countries responsible for the aircraft and/or the cargo or operation of that aircraft. In particular, the client or one of its executives, directors, employees, contractors or one of its shareholders, contracting entities, owners or any other person working on behalf of the client, including the client, but not limited to subcontractors (the “related persons”), may not offer, pay, lend, or lend, directly or indirectly, money or other equivalents to a client, government official or state agency. 6.3 Schedules, routes and cancellations: Unless otherwise agreed and indicated in the air transport letter or transit protocol, the airline undertakes to transport cargo with an appropriate shipment, but does not undertake to transport cargo by air or by a particular route or route, nor to establish connections at any given time according to a specified schedule. The schedules indicated in the company`s schedules or elsewhere are fortuitous and unsecured and are not part of the transport contract. The time is not set for the start or completion of the transport or delivery of the cargo. The airline has the right to choose or deviate from the itinerary or routes of the expedition, regardless of whether this may be indicated on the space of the air transport letter or in the transit card.

Carrier is not responsible for errors or omissions, either in time tables or in other calendar representations. No member of the airline`s staff, representative or representative has the right to hire him through declarations or assurances regarding departure, arrival or operating dates. 12.2 Unless there is a contrary provision of an applicable agreement, the airline is not liable to the shipper, recipient or other person who has an interest in the in fact illegal cargo, contract or derailment, consequences of a delay in the collection of the cargo, the loss or deterioration of the cargo, the delivery or omission of delivery for any reason, including, without limitation of the above, negligence, gross negligence or intentional conduct or delay on the part of the carrier or its agents or agents, whether in the course of the delivery by or for the carrier`s contract or