Ford Class Action Funding Agreement

With respect to Capstone Law APC, we believe that employees should be treated fairly, that consumers should receive what they paid and that rights should be protected, even if someone cannot afford to have a lawyer. Capstone Law aims to represent employees, consumers and investors across the country in labour and labour rights litigation, data protection legislation, automobile and other defective products, consumer protection, improper advertising or other deceptive business practices, and securities fraud. Fourth, the amended transaction agreement significantly expands the benefits for former owners, extending the statute of limitations for former owners to recalcitrant owners and allowing former owners to use the buy-back standard established by the comparison. These changes are particularly valuable because many government laws on lemons do not buy back for former owners and the original agreement imposes a much shorter requirement for former owners than for current owners. We use cookies to help us store and process records, understand and store your preferences for future visits, display them, and compile aggregated data on site traffic and website interaction, so that we can hide better website experiences and tools in the future. We can enter into contracts with third parties to help us better understand our visitors. These service providers are not allowed to use the information collected on our behalf unless we help each other manage and improve our business. If you intend to submit a right to a buyback/replacement or breach of the warranty, you must notify Ford at least ten (10) days before the application is filed directly at (888) 260-4563 or by filing the notification form available from If your right is based on attempts at redress, you must prepare and submit a statement to the referee certifying the qualifying tests.

An example model is only available here for informational purposes. Fifth, contrary to the original agreement, the amended agreement allows the arbitrator to impose civil penalties, in addition to redemption, where such sanctions are possible under applicable national law and certain conditions are met. This amendment helps to ensure fairness among class members by taking into account a significant difference in the state`s remedies, and encourages Ford to offer a buyout without the need for class members to obtain arbitration in states that allow civil penalties. As a class member, you may be entitled to cash payments or discount certificates (for the purchase of a new Ford vehicle) with increasing value for each service visit for a transmission equipment replacement. To file an application, please complete an application form and follow the instructions on this page: Comparison has created a faster redemption process. It usually takes 2 to 3 months from the date you file your claim to obtain an arbitration award for a buyout. Your right to redeem is decided by an independent arbitrator with a head to CapMotors (a service not related to Ford or a class advisor that the parties have chosen after careful evaluation). While Ford is required to pay for arbitration services and arbitrators` fees in connection with the transaction, the arbitrator is independent and follows rules negotiated by class advisors. The plaintiffs, who are seeking a buyout in court, have been waiting more than two years for a discharge. [104] None of the above is seriously disputed before us. The parties essentially agree that agreements relating to the financing of disputes by third parties can be approved as interim funding.

The dispute between them focuses on the question of whether the supervisory judge has made a misstep in the exercise of his discretion in authorizing the AFL in the absence of a vote of the