Partnership Agreement On Closing The Gap

The national agreement also sets out 16 national socio-economic objectives in areas such as education, employment, health and well-being, justice, security, housing, land and water, as well as Aboriginal languages and languages of the Torres Strait Islander. The objectives will help monitor progress in improving the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. New mechanisms of engagement and accountability are included in the draft national agreement, which means that jurisdictions will cooperate with the Torres Strait Aborigines and Islanders to implement the agreement and that the Aborigines and Torres Strait Islander will have a permanent say in the operation of the National Agreement. The National Agreement on Closing the Gap (National Agreement), published on July 30, 2020, is the first such partnership between the Australian governments (federal, national and local governments) and the Coalition of Aboriginal and Torres Straiter Islander Peak Organisation (the Coalition of Peaks). The partnership is an alliance of more than 50 Aboriginal organizations and the municipality-controlled Torres Strait Islanders, who make up a multitude of life and health groups, including educational and cultural groups. This partnership is the culmination of several months of negotiations that have resulted in 16 socio-economic objectives and four priority reforms. On 3 July 2020, the Joint Council met to discuss the final draft of a national agreement on the resolution of this gap. This is the first national agreement of its kind; it was developed as part of a genuine partnership between the Coalition of Peaks and the Australian government. The government is committed to working in partnership with the Australian Indians, while recognizing that the only way to fill this gap is for Aboriginal Australians, along with all governments, to hold, engage and advance the desired results. The priority objective of the national agreement is to enable and facilitate cooperation within the partnership to ensure the implementation of the best inequality elimination and reduction plan implemented by Aboriginal and Strait Torres Islands. It is important that the national agreement is the result of broad consultation.

The expertise and experience of the Peak Coalition will be critical to the success of the national agreement. The Coalition of Peaks will continue to hear the views and expertise of elders, traditional owners, native titleholders and others as the national agreement is implemented. The National Agreement was identified as a turning point in Aboriginal affairs and relations between Aboriginal peoples and governments.