Sample Lease Agreement For Gas Station

To submit your offer to the company with the intention of renting a gas station. This lease was designed for the tenant who runs a grocery store that also sells gasoline. The form contains a broad vocabulary that deals with the environmental responsibility associated with the storage and sale of gasoline and the tenant`s petroleum equipment. This rental agreement is designed for a supermarket and/or gas service station. It`s very pro-holding in tone. For example, the use clause allows the tenant to use the premises for any legal use, and the contract and sublease allow the tenant to transfer the lease or lease the premises without the landlord`s consent. In most countries, the cost of building a small- or medium-scale gas station can be about $2.5 million. Buying fuel reserves and making them fully operational can generate an additional $500,000 to $1 million. In accordance with the contract law of the People`s Republic of China and the relevant laws, on the basis of the same mutual benefits, the same valuable considerations and the same volunteerism of both parties, through friendly negotiations, regarding the gas station leasing issues concluded by Xi`an City Baorun Industrial Development Co., Ltd. and Xinyuan Gas Station, as required: To familiarize themselves with the list of entities offered to the lease; Eliminate business risks associated with managing a gas station business. The absence of restrictions on the alignment of the gas station with LUKOIL standards. A gas station buys gas on a wholesale market at about 10-20% less than the market price. But after paying wages, taxes and other fees, they make only a few cents per gallon of gas.

According to the National Association of Convenience Stores, a gas station makes a profit of 3 cents per gallon of gas sold. The numbers are a little different according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration – at 7-10 cents per gallon. When considering the cooperation proposal, the following features of the service station are taken into account: Under the “PRC Contract Act” and other applicable statutes, Xi`an Baorun Enterprise Development Co. Ltd. and Andong Gas Station have entered into the andong service station lease agreement as follows: this full lease sets a minimum overall rent for all real estate and the rent percentage is calculated on sales above the annual rate. The rental agreement also requires the tenant to pay all property taxes, procurement and insurance costs for the location of the travel centre during the term of the lease.