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This master subscription contract (“contract”) is the agreement between Deepgram, Inc. (“Deepgram”) and the end customer and user (“customer”) of Deepgram software (as defined below). CONSIDERING that the company is present in various commercial activities, including, but not limited to the provision of various products and services related to cryotherapy; Before entering into a business agreement, you must negotiate the terms. There are a large number of trading books on the market. While some offer gratifying advice, many dubious tips are provided (i.e. the other party must wait too long for a scheduled trading meeting, or put the other side in a chair that is deliberately shorter than yours to unconsciously signal your superiority). This agreement (“agreement”) is between [O]and Track Group, Inc. with a place of business at 405 South Main Street, Suite 700, Salt Lake City, UT 84111 (“Track Group”). Legal services are too often a black box.

You don`t know what your lawyer is doing. The lawyer does not know enough about what you need. A few phone calls here, a few drawings there, and a few weeks later, you have a mediocre work product, a big bill of hours, and you have learned nothing to arm your team for the future. Please read carefully this Master Service Agreement (“MSA”), the terms and conditions for selling frogs at auction and the Frog Privacy Policy at auction, together (the “Contract”) before submitting your application for use of Auction Frogs services. If you do not accept the agreement, do not apply. The submission of the application is considered accepted and accepted by this agreement. Auction Frogs reserves the right to accept or reject all customer requests. By signing, you agree to Auction Frogs` terms and conditions of sale, the frogs` privacy policy at auction and this master service contract for the frog at auction. This master service agreement governs the service, all devices, such as an IP phone, firewall, router, analog telephone adapters or other IP connection devices (“equipment”) and all other services provided to the customer (for example. B, but not limited to; Fax lines, alarm lines, all types of data circuits) used in connection with the service.