Supply Of Diesel Agreement

If you receive or need to provide a large amount of fuel, you can use a fuel supply contract. Whether you`re a farmer, you`re an equipment rental company, you`re supplying fuel and you`re making a new one… Read more With a fuel supply contract, a buyer agrees to purchase fuel from a supplier for final use and the supplier agrees to deliver the fuel in accordance with the terms set out in the agreement. When both parties sign the fuel supply agreement, they find that the purchaser relies on the supplier to provide the required amount of fuel at competitive prices. Other names for this document: fuel supply contract, which was prepared as part of sectoral reform as a model of agreement for a Southeast Asian country. Provisions that may not be likely to be replicated or need to be reconsidered: the agreement contains conditions under which the fuel supplier must provide the fuel facility at the delivery point. Use in combination with an AAE. . Part of a series of standard documents that also include: . Circumstances in which this contract may be appropriate: possible additional provisions to include: – ORGANIZACION TERPEL S.A., a commercial company duly incorporated in accordance with the legal provisions bearing the tax identifier (NIT) 830.095.213-0 (`TERPEL`). [***] Confidential treatment requested following a request for confidential treatment submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The omitted documents were filed separately with the Commission. CE LEASE and FUEL SUPPLY AGREEMENT is from and between REITANO ENTERPRISES, INC., a Florida company, with a postal address of Post Office Box 540175, Lake Worth, FL 33454 (`Lessor`), and OTM USACORP, a Florida company, with offices in 12355 Hagen Ranch Road, St.

604, Boynton Beach, FL 33437 (`Lessee` and/or `Dealer`). THIS FUEL SUPPLY ACCORD (the “agreement”) is concluded as of March 9, 2007 by and between PETRO TRUCKSTOPS, INC. (“PTI”), a Delaware company and PETRO STOPPING CENTERS, L.P. (“Petro”), a Delaware limited partnership. This fuel supply contract (the “agreement”), which will come into effect in August (the “effective date”), is entered into between LLC, a limited liability company in Delaware (the “seller”), Quik-Way Retail Associates II, Ltd., a Texas limited partnership (“QWRA II”) and Empire Commercial Fueling, LLC, a limited liability company in Maryland (“ECF” and with QWRA II, “buyers” and a “buyer”), with a business address of 8350 North Central Expressway, Suite M2185, Dallas, Texas 75206. The entities mentioned above are sometimes referred to as “parties” and collectively “parties” in this agreement. Sellers, Buyers and Empire Petroleum Services, LLC (“Empire Services”) are subsidiaries of Empire Petroleum Partners, LP (the “partnership”). ECF and QWRA II are whods 100% of Empire Services.

experience gained since the entry into force (including possible changes) / whether the draft form has been implemented or not: between the undersigned, ORGANIZACION TERPEL S.A., headquartered in the city of Bogota, D.C., Recorded in accordance with the laws of Colombia by authentic act 6038 of November 21, 2001, published by the sixth (6th) Notary of the Bogota D.C. Circuit, as indicated in the representation and legal representation issued by the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota, marked by SYLVIA ESCOVAR GOMEZ, major age, having its headquarters in the city of Bogota, by document No.