Edrawings Viewer License Agreement

Software and documentation cannot be transferred, sold, transferred, sub-licensed or transferred to another party (by law or other means) without HCL`s prior written consent and payment of up-to-date royalties for the transfer of website licenses. The use of the software is still subject to the provisions of Section 2. Except as stated in this agreement, you will not receive any other rights or licenses regarding the software or documentation. If you purchased a floating license for the software, you can install and access the software on any number of computers, provided that the number of simultaneous users does not exceed the number of licenses you have acquired at any time. 7. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. All commercial and technical information that Von HCL characterizes as confidential or proprietary and all information relating to the software constitutes confidential information of HCL (“Confidential Information”) HCL may, at its sole discretion, disclose this confidential information. However, they cannot disclose confidential information to third parties without HCL`s prior written consent. In addition, you agree to limit access to confidential information to your authorized staff who have entered into appropriate confidentiality agreements with you that protect confidential information in accordance with the requirements of this Agreement.

The restriction on the disclosure of confidential information does not apply to confidential information that you can prove: (a) is now publicly available, except because of your violation of this Agreement, (b) is disclosed or made available to you by a third party without restriction and without violation of the duty of confidentiality; c) was developed independently of you without having access or use of confidential information, or d) is authorized in writing for disclosure by HCL. (b) eDrawings Professional for Pro/ENGINEER with the features described in the corresponding section of the product website (“eDrawings Professional”), which is available either as a 15-day trial or as a paid version (single “permanent” fee). Hello user, we really regret the unpleasant experience. Please share your concerns with www.edrawingsviewer.com/ed/edrawings-support.htm with the details of your device. We will have this checked immediately. Thank you, eDrawings support team. ยท With the utmost respect under the law or for the duration of the licensed use of the Software, depending on the longest duration, you process your personal data in accordance with this Agreement and your appropriate written instructions, which are in all circumstances in accordance with this Agreement; D.